Governance policies

Windmill Hill City Farm’s policies and procedures are reviewed on a regular basis and may therefore change. Our aim is to keep the website updated with the most recent versions, but if a policy has been updated internally but not yet replaced on the website, the internal master document takes precedence. If you wish to be completely sure you have the most up-to-date version, please contact us.


GV01 Trustee Induction Manual

GV02 Role of a Trustee

GV05 Trustee Application Process

GV05a Trustee Application Form

GV05b Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form

GV06 Declaration of Eligibility – Trustees

GV07 Trustee Code of Conduct

GV08 Conflicts of Interest

GV09 Register of Trustees’ Interests Policy

GV09a Register of Trustees’ Interests Form

GV10 Personnel Sub-Group-Terms of Reference

GV11 Finance Sub-Group Terms of Reference

GV13 Organisational Structure

GV14 Membership Rules

GV15 Scheme of Delegation

Risk Assessments

Organisational Risk log