Our values

Windmill Hill City Farm operates with the following principles.


  • Its activities put volunteer activity and community involvement at the heart of what it does.
  • It engages in diverse activities with each area feeding into and drawing on the others.
  • It takes positive steps to include and involve all members of society.
  • It works in partnership with other organisations to achieve greater outcomes.
  • It sets high standards for the sustainability of its activities.
  • It aims to properly reward its staff, provide them with development, involve them in setting direction, stimulate and engage them.
  • Is clear, focused, open and transparent about its aims and objectives.
  • Is led and managed well to deliver its work effectively.


Windmill Hill City Farm is…

¨ A farm for the local community to share.

¨ A place that inspires, informs and educates people, that is busy with visitors who have a wide range of backgrounds and experience, and that reaches out to all people in our community.

¨ A beacon for sustainable living, where people can experience, see, understand and learn about animals and plants, their environment, and food production.

¨ A space for people to visit, enjoy, play, relax and to meet people.

¨ A sanctuary for people and nature.

¨ An organisation that is both responsive to and a leader within our community.

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There’s lots to see and do here, including our farm and gardens, cafe, shops, courses, events and much more. 

Windmill Hill City Farm aims to improve the lives of local people through its services and facilities. 

Thousands of people each year benefit from the many different facilities and services at the City Farm. 

Support us

We are a charity offering education, recreation and therapy for local people and provide a hub for the community. Help us keep providing these vital services.

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