Our values

Our values, updated in 2023, are

  • Welcoming to all
  • Focused on nature
  • Where people grow
  • Bringing people together
  • For the long term

If you are interested in understanding how we chose these values, you can read our latest Three Year Strategy (PDF).

As we have grown, we need increasingly to distinguish between speaking of Windmill Hill City Farm as a place (occupying four acres of Bedminster) and as seeing it as an organisation (running services and activities in other places, for example at Hartcliffe City Farm). On this basis, Windmill Hill City Farm is…

An organisation

  • That delivers its mission in several places
  • Responsive to, and a leader within, its community
  • Ambitious to grow its reach, influence, and impact
  • Mindful to operate within its values
  • Engaged in issues that local people care about
  • Aiming for excellence in the quality of services and spaces it provides
  • Financially robust and sustainable providing secure and meaningful employment

A place

  • A farm for the local community to share
  • A place that inspires, and reaches out to, all people in our community
  • A beacon for sustainable living, where people can experience and learn about animals and plants, their environment, and food production
  • A space for people to visit, enjoy, play, relax and to meet people
  • A place that is safe and accessible to all in our community
  • A sanctuary for people and nature

Statement of intent on equality, equity, diversity and inclusion

Windmill Hill City Farm shares an ambition to create a fairer, safer, accessible and inclusive city where everyone feels they belong, has a voice and an equal opportunity to succeed and thrive. To find our more about this, you can read our EEDI Vision (PDF).

Climate action and net-zero carbon ambition

The state of the environment has been a central concern for the organisation from its outset. This has encompassed encouraging bio-diversity, nature in the city, food production, farming practices and other aspects of environmental impact through the farm’s history. Our current focus is on achieving a net-zero carbon operation by 2030. To this end we have produced a climate action plan (PDF) picking out actions that will take us towards our goal.

It is primarily a document for internal use. We have decided to publish it for two reasons. First, to help to hold ourselves to account by being transparent; and second, to encourage others to follow suit. The actions we have chosen to prioritise are those we believe we can manage, even with squeezed budgets, limited time and a staff team busy with other priorities.

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Windmill Hill City Farm aims to improve the lives of local people through its services and facilities. 

Thousands of people each year benefit from the many different facilities and services at the City Farm. 

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We are a charity offering education, recreation and therapy for local people and provide a hub for the community. Help us keep providing these vital services.

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