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The City Farm Café, open seven days a week, is the social heart of Windmill Hill City Farm and reflects its ethos by offering home-cooked, carefully sourced food. Next to the farmyard, with lots of outdoor space and picnic tables, it is super child-friendly and a haven of nature.

Take a look at our menus

Always homemade, our selection changes daily – we always strive to have at least one vegan and gluten-free cake available. Our carrot cake is legendary, and we’re confident our chocolate brownies are the best in Bristol!  We use free range eggs, Fairtrade organic chocolate, British sugar, and a mixture of flours such as wholemeal spelt and white wheat.

Our coffee is excellent, made with freshly ground Fairtrade Wogan’s Amharic beans, Jess’s Ladies whole organic milk, or with oat or soya milk if you prefer. We also have loose-leaf herbal teas, some of them grown on site, and Everything But The Bean hot chocolate, as well as homemade traditional Chai, iced lattes, and seasonal specials as and when the ideas and the ingredients come to us.

Available from 9:30am until 3pm 

City Grower– Vegetarian Lincolnshire style sausages, fried eggs, herby mushrooms, baked beans, wilted farm grown greens, roast tomatoes, toast (v) £10.75 

City Planter– Vegan Lincolnshire style sausages, scrambled tofu, herby mushrooms, baked beans, wilted farm grown greens, roast tomatoes, toast (vg) £10.75  

City Farmer– Farm reared sausage, Farm-smoked bacon, fried eggs, baked beans, herby mushrooms, roasted tomatoes, toast £12.50 (only available when we have farm-reared meat) 

Add herby mushrooms, wilted farm grown greens or roast tomatoes £1.50 

With granary bread, or Pullins Bakery Sourdough for £1 extra 

On Toast 

Available from 9:30am until 3pm 

Miso Mushrooms– made with organic Japanese barley miso served over thick bloomer toast & side salad (vg) £7.25 

Scrambled eggs– Greenacres free range eggs on thick bloomer toast (v) £5.45  

Scrambled tofu– Organic firm tofu with black salt & spices on thick bloomer toast (vg) £5.45 

Toast– 2 slices of toast with marmite, homemade jam, homemade marmalade, or peanut butter (v) £2.05  

With granary bread, or Pullins Bakery Sourdough for £1 extra 

Vegan Lincolnshire sausage, served with homemade sauerkraut and our lovely chilli jam £6.55 

Specials such as Tempeh, Lettuce & Tomato, or Pulled Farm-reared Lamb with tapenade – subject to availability £7.25

Soup of the day (v)with bread & butter £6.25 
Seasonal and always veggie! 

Fresh salad plates  

Seasonal, hearty, and nutritious salad bowl, consisting of a crunchy raw salad, a hearty grain salad and a delicious roasted salad. Served with farm grown leaves and homemade dressing (vg) £6.75   

Add dip & sourdough bread to your salad for £2 

Or our homemade pork sausage rolls or our seasonal vegetarian & vegan pastries, or our fresh seasonal frittatas, tarts – check out the counter for the day’s options. 

Seasonal specials from £9.50 
Always available, using meat raised on the Farm, or the best of the season’s produce 

Toasties,served with a little salad
Cheddar and homemade seasonal chutney (v) £6.55
Toastie of the day £6.95 


With granary bread, or Pullins Bakery Sourdough for £1 extra 

See our blackboard for seasonal specials every week. 

Little Farmer£4.95 – Subject to availability of Farm-reared meat 
Farm-reared pork & herb sausage, fried egg, baked beans, toast 

Little Grower£4.75 
Veggie or vegan Lincolnshire sausage, fried egg, baked beans, toast 

with jam, marmite or nut butter £1.05 
with scrambled eggs £3.25 
with Heinz beans £2.90 

Little sandwiches with veggie sticks 
Veggie sausage or Cheddar cheese from £3.50 

Farm reared pork sausage £4.95 (only available when we have farm-reared meat) 

Snack Plate £4.35 
Toast fingers, hummus, veggie sticks, fresh and dried fruit 

Homemade kids’ dish of the day £4.35 
For example, a veggie & bean stew with couscous, or a farm-reared lamb tagine with quinoa, always served with fresh raw veggie sticks 

Our menu is constantly changing, but you can always find the best produce at the core of our dishes. We only serve meat when our own farm-reared meat is available. We took this decision to reduce our own footprint as a business, and to start a conversation about how much meat should be part of a sustainable diet. You’ll always find bright, colourful, veg-led dishes on our menu.

We use all the fresh produce we can from the farm itself, and the money we pay for these ingredients supports the farm’s charitable work, enabling them to offer volunteering opportunities to adults with support needs, who in turn help us to maintain these beautiful 4.5 acres. It’s a very neat and satisfying system!

As a proud Social Enterprise, it’s our mission to show that business can be done differently. We aim to balance the ‘triple bottom line’, returning a decent surplus to the farm each year, without compromising our environmental and social objectives.

Being a Social Enterprise means that we might make different decisions to traditional businesses. For example, we lost income when we decided to stop selling hard-to-recycle tetrapaks, and switched to refillable juice cups, but stuck with the decision because it was the right thing to do. We are very careful when it comes to choosing new suppliers, and ask a list of questions about everything from provenance to packaging. We work with existing suppliers to find more environmentally friendly solutions, such as working with our milk supplier to introduce returnable refillable containers.

We do our best to limit our negative impact on the environment, focusing on sourcing, limiting waste and helping our customers to do their bit too. 

We choose our suppliers extremely carefully, assessing many factors that influence their environmental and social impact.  

Along with our farm shop, we also have a gift shop selling handmade arts, crafts and homewares, a pottery shed and a children’s library. 

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Windmill Hill City Farm is a registered charity. We do not charge for entry, so every donation we receive helps us keep operating as a community facility for the enjoyment of the public. 

Windmill Hill City Farm has a great selection of rooms and indoor or outdoor spaces for hire. 

In the heart of Bedminster, the farm and its natural surroundings have long acted as a rich resource for therapeutic activity, growth, and improved wellbeing. 

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