Our Suppliers

We choose our suppliers based on a variety of factors:

  • They need to reflect our own values for animal welfare and environmental impact.
  • They need to be able to reliably supply a high quality product.
  • They need to be affordable so that we can remain accessible to all sections of the community.

These are our suppliers in order of proximity:

  • Windmill Hill City Farm (0 miles) A Place Where People Grow! The farm supplies fresh salad year round and a wonderful selection of fruit and veg through the changing seasons, grown and harvested by volunteer groups. Also supplies pork for our sausage rolls, goat and lamb for our tasty stews, and fresh chicken, duck and goose eggs to sell in the shop.
  • Wogan Coffee (2 miles) Organic and Fairtrade Amharic coffee (which you can also buy ground for use at home) and delicious Zuma hot chocolate.
  • Proper Bread (2 miles) Soft bloomer for certain sandwiches.
  • Redcatch Community Garden (1.5 miles) A community-run growing project in Knowle – we sell their tasty apple juice.
  • Forest Bakery (1.5 miles) Our supplier of wonderful baked goods, including sourdough for our toasties and amazing pastries for the weekend.
  • Essential Trading Co-Operative (4 miles) A workers’ co-operative supplying UK and imported wholefoods, teas, snacks and drinks. Brilliant at finding ethical and organic produce, and healthy wholefood ingredients to inspire our cooking.
  • Chew Moos Ice Cream (5 miles) A small-batch, family-owned ice-cream parlour powered by solar energy, with amazing flavours like Dark Chocolate & Orange Delight, and Raspberry & White Chocolate Ripple.
  • The Community Farm (6 miles) A community-owned social enterprise, growing and supplying lovely fresh organic produce. They offer volunteering opportunities alongside their veg box business. We sell their produce alongside our own, to ensure a good range is available. They list their veg by the proximity of the supplier so we can make sure we’re using and selling the best local, seasonal stuff.
  • Bradley’s Juices (15 miles) Award-winning Somerset apple juice and refreshing lemonade, as well as more unusual combinations like apple & blackberry, and strawberry & elderflower.
  • Fair Ash Farm Eggs (10 miles) Spanking fresh free-range eggs for our cakes and breakfasts, brought to us twice weekly by the lovely Tom.
  • Jess’ Ladies Organic Milk (33 miles) Fresh, non-homogenised organic milk, direct from the Jess’ Ladies small herd.  Plus luxurious plain yoghurt, kefir and extra thick double cream.  You can buy cheaper milk, but we like being certain of where it comes from.
  • Hodmedods (200 miles) Alright, this one isn’t exactly local to Bristol, but we love Hodmedods because they are trialling, growing and developing markets for crops that are usually imported, as well as bringing back some forgotten British pulses. We love their yellow split pea flour, and their huge range of beans, and we sell their fermented fava bean paste, which is very much like miso, but grown and produced here in the UK.  Pretty radical!

We are always on the lookout for new suppliers to work with who share our values and passion for food.

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