General Policies

Windmill Hill City Farm’s policies and procedures are reviewed on a regular basis and may therefore change. Our aim is to keep the website updated with the most recent versions, but if a policy has been updated internally but not yet replaced on the website, the internal master document takes precedence. If you wish to be completely sure you have the most up-to-date version, please contact us.


GN02 Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy

GN02a Child Protection Flowchart

GN02b LADO Referral Form

GN02c Investigation Report Template

GN02e Children’s Activity Booking Form

GN02g Guidance for Injuries in Non-Mobile Children

GN02i Low-Level Concerns Policy

GN02j Lost Child and Vulnerable Adult Procedure

GN03 Complaints Policy and Procedure

GN04 Disciplinary Policy and Procedure

GN05 Environmental Policy

GN06 Equality and Diversity Policy

GN07 Flexible Working

GN08 Grievance Policy and Procedure

GN09 Health and Safety Policy

GN09a1 Health and Safety – Annual Buildings Check Site Overall

GN09a2 Health and Safety – Annual Buildings Check for specific buildings

GN09b Health and Safety – Model Fire Safety Risk Assessment

GN09b2 Fire Evacuation Procedure

GN09c Health and Safety – Model Risk Assessment

GN09d Food Safety and Food Hygiene – Notice for Display

GN09e Health and Safety – First Aid Requirements Assessment

GN10 Induction Policy and Procedure

GN11 Data Protection




GN12 Internet, Email and IT – Use and Guidance

GN13 Leave

GN14 Learning and Development

GN15 Performance Management Policy

GN16 Redundancy

GN17 Right to Search

GN18 Recruitment Policy

GN18a Safe Recruitment Policy

GN19 Sickness Absence Policy and Procedure

GN21 Volunteer Policy

GN22 Safeguarding Adults Policy

GN22b Mental Capacity Policy

GN23 Adverse Weather Policy

GN24 Whistle Blowing Policy and Procedure

GN25 Smoke Free Policy

GN26 Site Security and Challenging Behaviour

GN27 Quality Assurance Policy

GN28 Lone Working Policy

GN29 Respect and Personal Dignity Policy

GN30 Photograph and Video Policy

GN31 Pensions Policy

GN32 Wellbeing and Mental Health Policy

GN33 Managing Stress and Wellbeing in the Workplace

GN34 Internal Communication Policy

GN35 Drug and Alcohol Policy

GN36 Incidents and Emergencies Policy

GN37 Business Continuity Policy

GN38 Staff Uniform

GN39 Group Visits

GN40 Pay and Grading

GN41 Risk Management Policy

GN42 Vehicle Driver Policy

GN43 Lockdown Policy and Procedure

Risk Assessments

Covid-19 Return to work induction check list

COVID-19 room hire guidance

General Visitors

COVID-19 measures for visitors

H&SC COVID-19 return

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