Finance policies

Windmill Hill City Farm’s policies and procedures are reviewed on a regular basis and may therefore change. Our aim is to keep the website updated with the most recent versions, but if a policy has been updated internally but not yet replaced on the website, the internal master document takes precedence. If you wish to be completely sure you have the most up-to-date version, please contact us.


FP01 Purchasing and Procurement

FP02 Staff and Volunteer Expenses

FP03 Cash Handling and Petty Cash

FP04 Income, Sales Invoices and Credit Control

FP05 Reserves and Investments Policy

FP06 Card and Paypal Transactions

FP06a Card Machine Information Security

FP07 Bank Receipts and Reconciliation

FP08 Fixed Assets

FP09 Preventing Fraud

FP10 Charging Policy