Children and Family Services Policies

Windmill Hill City Farm’s policies and procedures are reviewed on a regular basis and may therefore change. Our aim is to keep the website updated with the most recent versions, but if a policy has been updated internally but not yet replaced on the website, the internal master document takes precedence. If you wish to be completely sure you have the most up-to-date version, please contact us.

Please note that our Child Protection policies GN02(a-e) can be found on the General Policies page.


CF01 Sick Child and Administration of Medication Policy

CF01a Medication Form

CF02 Admissions Policy

CF02a Farm Adventurers Admissions Policy

CF03 Arrival, Departure, Child Collection and Absences Procedure

CF04 Babysitting Policy

CF05 Positive Behaviour Management Policy

CF06 Lockdown Procedure

CF07 Confidentiality Policy

CF08 Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy

CF09 Fire Safety Procedure

CF10 Staff Supervision Policy

CF11 Staff Sickness Procedure

CF13 Student and Volunteer Policy

CF15 Health and Safety Policy within C&FS

CF16 Fee Paying Policy

CF17 Missing Child Policy and Procedure

CF18 Trips and Outings Procedure

CF19 Food, Hygiene and Nutrition Policy

CF20 Suncream Policy

CF21 Photography, Video, Mobile Phone and E-Safety Policy

CF22 Partnership with Parents Policy

CF23 Play Policy

CF24 Special Education Needs and Disability Policy

CF25 Intimate Care and Toileting Policy

CF26 Sleep Policy

CF27 Transition Policy

CF28 Separated Family Policy

Risk Assessments

NUR020 COVID-19 Risk Assessment

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