Hartcliffe City Farm will be opening to the public on Sunday June 5th.

We’re at the start of a journey, but our aim is that the farm will make a huge difference to and be inclusive of the whole community. It will be a place to relax, to work, to learn, to volunteer and to grow as part of a busy multi-purpose organisation that is welcoming to all. It will be a leader in the ‘green economy’ adding sustainable growth to the neighbourhood.

Click here to visit the Hartcliffe City Farm website.

We took the site on last year, in partnership with Heart of BS13.


Where, and what, it is

For those not familiar with it, the site is on the southern fringe of the city at the base of the northern slopes of Dundry, in an area of considerable deprivation. The main farm property consists of a parcel of land of 2.68 ha (6.6 acres). It also has four additional parcels of land suitable for grazing or hay-making of 9 ha (21 acres).

Its location, and its spaces, give it huge potential as a public asset for public good. Over recent years it has struggled financially and has become run-down. The space is currently closed to the public.

The journey ahead

We are at the very beginning of a long journey to develop the city farm. We were confirmed as the preferred partner of Bristol City Council to take forward the development at the start of March 2021 and have just signed the lease with the council. We have been doing plenty of work behind the scenes, as well as some practical work on the site. We’re hoping to open the gates to the public later on in 2022.

There are three phases in how we are developing the site. The timings are not exact and may have to change as events emerge. We are hugely excited by this project and will be going as fast as we can, but we have to be realistic.

  • Phase 1 (March 2021 to February 2022) is focused on raising funds for the project to cover the initial costs of managing the site; work on developing the gardens; and preparation for phase 2.
  • Phase 2 (from autumn 2022) is a gradual build up of activities that will contribute to the society, economy and environment of the local area: education, social care, recreation, child care alongside the growing horticulture and training offer.
  • Phase 3 sees the larger transformative projects that are the long-term ambition of this plan. During this phase Hartcliffe City Farm becomes a confident outward looking organisation that has agency and influence within the city.

This three-phase approach is designed to keep the risks in the project low so it has the best chance of long-term success. We are building a partnership between the local community, the local authority and funding partners so that it becomes the catalyst for further generation of the area, ensuring that BS13 residents become ongoing contributors to Bristol’s future success.

How you can get involved

We are running practical volunteering sessions at the farm on Tuesdays & Thursdays. Find out more on the Hartcliffe City Farm website here.

If you are itching to know more, please do send us an email at info@windmillhillcityfarm.org.uk. Be aware that we are still on a journey with the project and may not have all the answers you are looking for yet. We have set up this list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) based on enquiries so far:

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