Baby Massage

Baby Massage is one of the easiest and most pleasant methods of providing early positive interaction through bonding, fun, trust and relief.

This six-week course builds up a full-body baby massage routine that incorporates nurturing touch, massage, reflexology, and tummy time techniques.

During this course, you will learn how different strokes can benefit your baby’s physical and emotional needs. You will also understand the techniques that can be used to alleviate symptoms of digestive discomfort, colds, and overtiredness. You will also be provided with a toolkit of accessible activities to help embed these new skills into a positive part of your daily routine.

This course is as much for parents as for their babies. It is focused on creating a calming, relaxed environment centred around having fun, where no parent needs to worry if their baby is crying, sleeping, feeding, or needing a change. It is also a great way of meeting new friends and creating a support network over a cup of tea at the end of the session.  

Booking via the Bristol Baby Massage Website:


Jul 16 2024


10:00 am - 11:00 pm
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