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We invite local organisations to participate in corporate volunteering events at the farm. These can be arranged on Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays for groups of up to 20 volunteers. Activities might include gardening and site preparation and provide much-needed support in the development and maintenance of the farm for the benefit of our local community. All our volunteering projects are great fun, motivating and challenging. We also have opportunities available for companies and teams to build longer-term supportive relationships with the farm. We understand how corporate volunteering fits into a CSR strategy and we will support you throughout the project, from discussing your needs at the start, to reviewing project outcomes at the end.


As we are a small charity with limited budget and resources, we do ask that volunteering groups cover the costs of the event, including the materials they use in their activities (for example, fencing materials and garden equipment). The amount depends on the project, but our minimum costs for a corporate volunteering event equate to £40 per person, plus VAT. The cost of the day does include a hot drink and pastry for each volunteer taking part. Please refer to terms and conditions of booking and our Corporate Volunteering Guide below.

“At the end of the day we had aching muscles, filthy clothes and a tremendous sense of achievement. I think we’d all jump at the chance to get involved again.”

“Our team had a fantastic and rewarding day, working hard to help projects on the farm that will support the local community.”

“The BT team had a fantastic day at Windmill Hill City Farm. They were extremely well organised for a group of our size and they worked with us in advance to make sure we would get the best out of our day. In the end, we all had a fantastic time – it was great for team building and it was so satisfying to see the results of our work at the end of the day! We definitely recommend it to anyone!”

“We had a great day volunteering at WHCF.  We all worked so hard and thoroughly enjoyed the day, it’s a great opportunity for us at Rolls-Royce to give our time to support the community and we hope to come back again.”  Sarah Payne, Services Business Advisor

“It was a great day and it was wonderful that the site’s staff also joined in. We really liked the tour around the site and the explanation on what the future holds for the farm. It’s a great initiative and we are pleased that we were able to contribute to it.” Janet van der Hoven, Platform Consultant

Interested and want to know more?

For information about the types of projects we currently offer and details of how to contact us, please download the document below. To see the full terms & conditions of corporate volunteering bookings, click here

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