Nursery Vision and Aims

We work with the following aims, values and vision:

City Farm Vision

For local people to live active, healthy and fulfilled lives in a friendly, sustainable neighbourhood.

Children and Family Services Statement

We value each child as being unique and we place children at the centre of everything that we do.

Children and Family Services Aims

Our aims for the children in our care:

Our aim is to provide a welcoming, safe and inclusive environment in which each child’s interests, learning and development can be met enabling them to be rich and powerful learners. We will value each child as unique and as an individual and respect their rights in all that we do. We will give the children opportunities to have a voice, have a sense of belonging, problem solve, take risks, be creative and build friendships and relationships within our unique environment.

Our aims for our families:

Our aim is to respect and value all our parents and carers as the child’s primary and most lifelong educator in all that we do. We will work in partnership with all our families allowing consistency for each child in our care to ensure that every child’s needs are met. This will take place by building positive relationships built on trust, honesty and respect as well as information sharing. We want each family to have a voice allowing them to feel valued and listened to.

Our aims for our provision:

Our aim is that we support all individuals to learn and develop enabling a quality service to be provided to our community. We recognise that each individual has potential, strengths and skills and we want to ensure that we are part of their journey in further developing them through support, guidance, learning and training opportunities. We want our unique surroundings to be able to support individuals to grow.

Nursery waiting list

April 2024
Please note a £20 administration fee is applied to all new waiting list applications. This is non-refundable and helps cover the administration costs of managing the waiting lists. It is not and should not be seen as a guarantee of, or deposit on, a place.

Please be aware we currently have waiting lists for places for children aged 3 and under.

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