Bruhaha Nano brewery will be hosting a pop-up tap room every Friday evening 5-10pm in the farm‘s Barn Kitchen. Based on the farm site, Bruhaha makes a range of beer styles from around the world, just a few steps from where you’ll enjoy them! No need to book, just come down for a drink.

Bruhaha use the latest technologies and techniques developed in the world of home brewing to experiment with small batches of different beer styles, some are even flavoured with fruits and botanicals from the farm itself.

Come and join the bruvolution.

Weekly, Fridays 5pm to 10pm.

Wine and cider also served (sadly not made by Bruhaha!)

Find out more about Bruhaha here.

Beer Menu

Belles Helles
A Munich Helles style lager.
5.0% – £5.50 per pint
Kveik American style Pale ale that is Out of this World.
5.3% – £5.50 per pint
Fugg Life
Kveik Best bitter using just Fuggles hops.
4.3% – £5 per pint
Tripel Trouble
A big Belgian Tripel style ale created using mixed fermentation of Kveik and
Belgian yeast
9.2% – £3 per half pint
Rosehipster Saison
Classic saison style beer flavoured with Rose Hips sourced from the farm.
6.4% – £5.50 per pint
Windmiller Weisse
A beer in the Berliner Weisse sour style, flavoured with Lemon Verbena
sourced from the farm.
3.4% – £3 per half
Rusty Robot Porter
A Robust American porter
5.1% – £5.50 per pint

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