Bristol’s NEW Community Climate Action Plans Launched

Community organisations across Bristol have been hearing from local people about the positive changes they want to see in their neighbourhoods and collated these ideas into new community climate action plans.

Bricks, Hillfields Community Garden, Knowle West Media Centre, Southmead Development Trust, and Windmill Hill City Farm have developed the plans over the last 12 months, as part of the Community Climate Action Project, coordinated by Bristol Climate & Nature Partnership and funded by the National Lottery’s Community Climate Action Fund.

The project aims to enable communities to become leaders in climate action in Bristol, support nature recovery and bring social benefits to local people.

Bristol’s first community climate action plans were launched in 2022 by Ambition Lawrence Weston, Ashley Community Housing, Eastside Community Trust, Heart of BS13, Lockleaze Neighbourhood Trust and Bristol Disability Equality Forum. Now five more communities are launching their climate action plans, having participated in the project’s learning and mentoring programme, with a further seven groups due to develop their plans within the next year. 

Bristol has a goal of reducing carbon emissions to net zero by 2030. This presents a huge opportunity for bold, transformative climate and nature action to reduce inequalities, and to improve people’s quality of life. A fair transition requires diverse communities and those most affected by climate and nature breakdown being able to shape the city’s response.

The Community Climate Action Project aims to do just that by building the knowledge and capacity of local community organisations, harnessing their knowledge and insights, and enabling them to become leaders in the city’s climate action.

“It’s been valuable, encouraging and rewarding working with partners rooted in communities across Bristol. I think it’s highlighted the importance of doing this work together and that amplifying the voices of our communities across the city is how this work will be most effective. The scale of the climate and ecological crises facing our communities is intimidating and we’d like to meet them with collective hope and action..” Ella Tainton, Southmead Development Trust

“The project ensured local voices were heard and has given a platform for concerns and ideas; local priorities have been identified with suggested collective action, to reduce carbon and improve lives.” Ruth Green, Windmill Hill City Farm

‘‘Eating, talking, planting seeds and imagining different fairer, greener futures for Brislington, created opportunities for new local connections, ideas and ways of working together. We hope the plan can offer a starting point to build on this process and serves as a catalyst, encouraging collaboration within the local area and with partners citywide to ensure Brislington can play an active part in Bristol’s just transition.” Georgia Bates, Bricks

Amy Harrison, Head of Community Partners at Bristol Climate & Nature Partnership says ”We’re delighted to have supported five more Bristol communities on their climate leadership journey, and that by 2025, 18 communities across the city will have their own community climate action plans. We are developing a model of community-led climate action here in Bristol which we hope can be shared and replicated nationally. Achieving a just transition to net zero is both a huge challenge and opportunity, and communities are vital in how cities like Bristol respond to the climate and nature crises in a way which improves the lives of local people and addresses systemic inequality”.

Bristol Climate & Nature Partnership, community climate champions, councillors and local organisations are coming together to celebrate the plans at a launch event today 2-4pm at Sparks Bristol. 

Read the plans HERE to discover the climate and nature priorities coming directly from Bristol communities, and see how you can help champion inspiring, community-led climate action  across our city.

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