Regular activities

Sahaja Yoga Meditation

These free Sahaja Yoga Meditation sessions are run by volunteers of a charity organisation who have many years of experience in offering such sessions.

Sahaja Yoga is not about physical exercises but about the subtle system which lies within each of us. The Kundalini energy gently rises within us and takes us spontaneously into meditation, a state of thoughtless awareness which is peaceful, silent and in the moment. This is a natural experience which can be felt on our central nervous system. Regular meditation can help us to become more peaceful, balanced and integrated – mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually – and we feel much more our true selves.

With Sahaja Yoga Meditation you normally sit on chairs to achieve yoga, effortlessly and spontaneously. So there is no need for mats and no special clothing is required.

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When: Saturdays at 2:15 to 3:45pm in the Training Room

For: everyone is welcome

How to book: no need, just turn up

Cost: FREE