The Curious Cube

11am to 3pm

Curious cube by Clifton Suspension BridgeWhat are you curious about? Come along to the Farm and ask the Curious Cube – a strange mirrored structure which comes to life with the questions that people ask themselves, reflecting the curiosity of Bristol back at the city.

  • Do crabs think people walk sideways?
  • If I took myself apart atom by atom when do I stop being me?
  • What is our soul?
  • What is gravity made of?

Created by We The Curious, the Cube is here to encourage debate and conversation – to get Bristolians talking about what makes them curious, and coming up with their own curious questions.

The Curious Crew accompany the Cube, engaging with people and facilitating curiosity. The questions that people submit will be turned into a new digital map of curiosity and may be selected to be brought to life for a ground-breaking exhibition created entirely on the curiosity of the city.