Campfire Club Bristol: Sam Lee

from 7pm to 10.30pm

Photo of Sam LeeThis June, The Nest Collective’s “Campfire Club” is coming to Bristol for the first time.

About Campfire Club

For over five years, Campfire Club has been the way for Londoners to gather in beautiful green spaces and listen to amazing music by artists from all over the world. We come together in the simple way that people have done for thousands of years, around the fire with food, drink, music and each other. The performances are unamplified, allowing you to get up close and personal and hear the artists’ music in a very intimate way.

About Sam Lee

Sam Lee offers up incredibly beautiful and traditional English folk with mature artisanal tracks, which echo tapestries and folklore tales of past. A free spirit runs through his accompaniments, with an eclectic and exotic mix of instruments orchestrating the magic, with Lee himself taking to the helm not only with vocals but playing the jews harp and shruti box. Following being nominated for a Mercury award, Lee released his 2015 album The Fade in Time, named by The Guardian as one of the albums of the year for its “startling” originality.

Cost: £16 / £13 concessions

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