Mindfulness and Meditation

Trees pruned like human heads

Our busy lives, full of noise, demands and distractions, can sometime get on top of us. Practising mindfulness or meditation can help create a feeling of space in our heads, lower anxiety levels, help sleep, increase attention and focus, and bring many other benefits to increase our wellbeing.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

This course offers both formal and informal mindfulness practices for students to learn and engage in, as well as theory and exercises to help identify particular stress triggers and the option to introduce more helpful responses instead. Studies have shown attendance at this course to help with issues such as anxiety, pain, confidence levels and may help prevent burn out.

Start date: Wednesday 16th January 2019
End date: Wednesday 20th March 2019
Time: 10am to 12 noon
Sessions: 9
Cost: £66 (may be reduced for those on a means tested benefit – see this page)
For: This course is suitable for beginners and improvers. Please note that you must be over 18 years old to enrol on a WEA course.

This course is now finished. Details of future mindfulness and meditation courses will be published when available. Please check again.