artist painting still life of squashUnderstand the basic elements of art and apply them to your own work with increasing confidence. Experiment with new materials and techniques. 

Art courses for both beginners and those wanting to build on their skills are run here at the City Farm. In addition to those described on this page, please see:

Art and Design

With reference to the work of contemporary and historical artists and designers, we will learn about the basic principles of colour in a practical way. A range of colour contrasts will be explored (such as contrast of hue, warm/cool, complementary, light/dark, saturation) and used as starting points for developing abstract and figurative paintings. You will be guided through a series of simple colour-mixing exercises and experiment with acrylic painting techniques; these will help you to understand colour relationships and how colour behaves so that you can use it with more confidence.

Start date: Wednesday 16th January 2019
End date: Wednesday 27th March 2019
Time: 10am to 12.30pm
Sessions: 10 
Cost: £101.50 (may be reduced for those on a means tested benefit – see this page)
For: suitable for beginners and improvers. Please note that you must be over 18 years old to enrol on a WEA course

Now enrolling: for more information or to book online, please go to this WEA webpage. If you prefer to use the telephone, call 0300 303 3464 to enrol or 0117 916 6500 for more information.