Poster about goatsThe farm provides an excellent opportunity for people of all ages and backgrounds to learn about farming and to become actively involved in the production of their food.

When you visit the farm, you will find informative posters with interesting facts about the breeds and details of many of the individual animals.  For example, did you know that:

  • goats’ eyes have rectangular pupils
  • female pigs which have not yet had piglets are called gilts
  • the colour of an egg shell is determined by the colour of the chicken’s ear lobe – red ear lobe equals brown shell, and white ear lobe equals white shell

Want to help the farmer feed our animals? Get up close to your favourite farm friends with our Weekend Feeding Tours!

Some of the animals you can find here:


Our pigs are old breeds such as Gloucester Old Spot or old-breed crosses and there are often piglets at the farm which are a favourite sight for many of our visitors.


We keep Jacob sheep which are an ancient breed of unknown origin but which may have originated from the spotted or piebald sheep of what is now Syria. They have a medium/fine fleece with no outer coat, unlike other breeds which have a fine inner coat and a coarser outer coat.


Anglo-Nubian goatsWe keep both Pygmy goats and larger Anglo Nubian / Boer crosses which are shown in the photo on the right. Our Pygmy goats Pip and Bella are particularly friendly and playful.

Close-up photo of henPoultry

There are many types of poultry on the farm, including a large brood of hens producing free range eggs which can be purchased from the café. Other birds on the farm include Indian Runner and Khaki Campbell ducks and Chinese geese.


As well as the more traditional farm animals, we also keep some pets such as guinea pigs and rabbits which are popular with visitors both young and old.