Life Unlimited Performance – Bristol’s first biophilic gym

Life Unlimited Performance (LUP) is a socially driven business providing holistic health and wellness services including group personal training, corporate wellness and mentoring. Come and join us at our biophilic eco studio at Windmill Hill City Farm to become the best version of yourself.

Our group personal training sessions welcome people of all abilities, ages, levels, fitness and backgrounds. Get fitter whilst connecting with nature and a like minded community.

Motivated by the personal development, well-being and empowerment of others, we pave the way to a  future geared towards holistic well-being, social equality and ethical lifestyles.

Our approach aims to re-establish the innate connection between humans and nature whilst maintaining a compassionate relationship with oneself and their communities.

Our Ethos 

At LUP we believe in implementing sustainable habitual changes that compounds over time to attain the desired goals. This practice also results in an improved lifestyle with added balance and harmony, elements that are often overlooked in the modern workaholic society. We support our members to become the best version of themselves and adopt a growth mindset. The progress made by individuals along their personal journeys act as the driving force for the company.

Additionally, we believe in contributing back to society and helping others. LUP serves the local communities by partnering with charities and organization to combat and help the disadvantaged residents. We also provide mentoring services and coaching for vulnerable people on our community.


Find out more & get involved via the Life Unlimited Performance website.

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Windmill Hill City Farm is a registered charity. We do not charge for entry, so every donation we receive helps us keep operating as a community facility for the enjoyment of the public. 

Windmill Hill City Farm has a great selection of rooms and indoor or outdoor spaces for hire. 

In the heart of Bedminster, the farm and its natural surroundings have long acted as a rich resource for therapeutic activity, growth, and improved wellbeing. 

Support us

We are a charity offering education, recreation and therapy for local people and provide a hub for the community. Help us keep providing these vital services.

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