Seasonal visit programme

Keder house with vegetables in raised beds10% discount for x3 plus visits

  • £3.60 per child for 1 workshop (am or pm session)
  • £7.20 per child for 2 workshops (day session)

Bring learning outside the classroom all year round at our City Farm.

We encourage schools to make seasonal visits so children can see the changing seasons and produce available. We find this deeply embeds the science they experience over time.

Visit 1 Sept/ Oct: Garden tasting and cooking with produce from the gardens. What’s seasonal and healthy to eat?

View of outdoor kitchen and cob ovenVisit 2 Feb/March: Seed sowing and farm tour. Where does our food come from?

Visit 3 April/May: Pond dipping and mini beasts. Explore lifecycles and what a habitat is.

Visit 4 June/July: Pick It Eat It – harvest and cook the vegetables you have grown. Pollination, introduction to vegetable families and which parts of a plant we eat.

Young goats in bucket“Each session  gave the children the opportunity to really get involved and get a strong sense of what it means to run a farm, grow fruit and veg and look after animals. The fact that they had  visits spread out over a series of months was key to this, because the children got to see the farm change and grow over time. To end on a picking and cooking session was just amazing.”

Reception Class doing our seasonal workshop programme

For further information please contact Julie Thorpe: email or phone 0117 9633252.