Supported volunteering

What’s it all about then?

Interested in animal care, gardening, site maintenance or helping out in the café?

Supported volunteering  offers a chance to put some order back into disrupted lives, to build life and work skills, to build a network of other people who have experienced similar challenges and to contribute to a facility that is loved and used by its local community.

Sessions take place on mornings and afternoons during the week and are facilitated by a member of staff from the Health and Social Care team. We keep the group size to a maximum of 6 people.

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Supported volunteering aims to:

  • provide social contact and enable people to rebuild networks and give opportunities to make new connections
  • increase confidence and build resilience
  • introduce participants to a range of new ideas and techniques to help them improve their levels of self-esteem and self-confidence
  • improve physical and mental health through regular and meaningful activity
  • teach participants specific skills around gardening and growing food which will empower them in their daily lives
  • instil a sense of achievement and pride in helping to make a well-loved community venue continue to thrive

Supported volunteering is suitable for:

Suitable for people who are looking to do one or more of the following:

  • improve mental wellbeing
  • increase resilience in people
  • reduce social isolation
  • aid recovery from addiction or ill health
  • provide opportunities and skills for personal development and employability

The farm also seeks to actively engage with people who experience racism and/or are from diverse ethnic heritage and underrepresented in mainstream culture, as well as individuals from deprived areas of the city.

Find out more or apply

To find out more about supported volunteering, please contact Sam Lloyd-Smith on 0117 947 1194 or email

To apply, please complete this online application form.

Due to the high number of applications and referrals we receive, we are unable to offer everyone who applies a volunteering opportunity. All applications are assessed and then scored against both our funding criteria and our vision for a fairer future. We will let you know as soon as possible whether we can take your application forward.