Cherry Blossom (9 months to 2 years)

Cherry Blossom is the room for children from nine months to two years. We have space for nine babies at any one time as the adult:child ratio is 1:3. We are a team of qualified and experienced members of staff, each of whom acts as a key person to a group of children. We ensure that a strong and secure bond is created with both the child and their family from the early stages all the way through their time with us.

Child playing with pansThe room is warm and bright with low windows, this enables the children to look into their outdoor environment and enjoy not only the natural world but the Farm animals. We have a separate kitchen and nappy changing room and a partitioned area for sleeping. The younger babies sleep in cots and the toddlers’ progress to sleeping on a mat on the floor.

Whilst our daily routine has some structure to fit around activities, meal times etc. we allow a high degree of flexibility allowing us to accommodate individual children’s needs and routines.

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework which involves close observation of the children and planning of their individual needs and interests to enable each child to further extend their development.

The children participate in a variety of sensory and messy experiences which ranges from day to day e.g. playdough, painting, sticking, cornflour gloop, sand, water, playing with baked beans, jelly, ice or pasta.

Child with soapy waterWe have a range of treasure baskets which children can explore each day allowing them a variety of differing sensory experiences and opportunities. Each day the children enjoy singing, dancing and listening to a range of different music in the room. We have a wide range of suitable toys and resources, musical instruments, books and creative materials to support each area of learning and development.

Our outdoor environment consists of a soft floored area which is sheltered; this allows us to access the outdoor environment in all weathers each day. The outdoor environment has a musical board which the children thoroughly enjoy as well as a slide, a trampoline and opportunities to plant and dig. When adult:child ratios allow we aim to visit our local community e.g. visits on the farm, visits to the library and our local park.

Each child is treated as an individual and our aim is to make every child’s experience of coming here as welcoming, homely and fun as possible.