Vision for the Neighbourhood

Our local neighbourhood is in a period of high activity around planned and actual development: a positive sign that we are attracting investment and economically growing. With any development comes impacts – more people, traffic, demands on infrastructure, visual changes, changed use of space. Development and controversy often go hand-in-hand as conflicting needs and desire clash.
The City Farm is increasingly asked to give its ‘official view’ of developments in the area. To date we have largely stuck to encouraging local people to engage with the planning process and to express their own views. Going forward we are exploring how to put forward a position with a ‘corporate’ view.
To help to give a consistent view, we have developed a vision for our neighbourhood (download a pdf (102Kb) of our local area vision here) that sets out principles by which we can review and comment on proposals. The vision has been developed by the staff and trustees at the farm – we welcome feedback on it that will help to refine and refresh it.
In brief our vision is that any developments in the area should

  • Have a positive impact on the environment
  • Develop the sense of community
  • Develop a sense of place
  • Promote diversity and community cohesion
  • Provide good public realm and services
  • Recognise and take advantage of the urban context
  • Be part of a coherent vision for its wider neighbourhood

By articulating a vision of what we think our neighbourhood should be, we hope to influence new developments towards meeting that aim.