Victoria Park Lodge – latest

Discussions with Bristol City Council (BCC) around the future of Victoria Park Lodge have moved in a new direction. The plans developed by Victoria Park Action Group and the city farm are on the back burner while negotiations take place with a locally-based charity about taking on the building.

Under the new proposal, Social Farms and Gardens (SFG), currently based in the ‘Green House’ on Hereford St would take a lease on the building with the developer of ‘Plot 5’ of Bedminster Green paying for the refurbishment of the lodge. The presence of SFG as a sitting tenant on the plot is currently a block to development. A condition of the move would be provision of a new building nearby with a café kiosk and public toilets.

If the discussion progress as envisaged, there will be no role in the plan for the city farm, which will step out of the picture. The discussions will be between BCC, SFG and the developer, with local councillors the channel for any community engagement.