Interview with Music for Wellbeing practitioners Judit and Kim

Music for Wellbeing is an experiential workshop for people to be creative, interact with others and enjoy making music together. We caught up with workshop leaders Judit and Kim to find out more about the workshop here at the farm on 11th February 2017.

What is music for wellbeing?

The Music for Wellbeing project started in summer 2016 when we qualified as music therapists. We provide community and corporate workshops using music to facilitate connections, creativity and expression. From our experiences as music therapists we have seen how music can support self-esteem, identity and independence, often engaging people who are isolated. We are interested in providing opportunities for the general public to access musical experiences that promote wellbeing and improve quality of life which is why the workshops are open to anyone. Music for Wellbeing isn’t about musical skills but uses spontaneous interaction and reflections to help people to connect and take notice, key ways to wellbeing. We are really excited about WHCF’s Music for Wellbeing workshop on 11th February.

Is Music For Wellbeing music therapy?

No. We are making use of our skills and experiences as music therapists to facilitate workshops, but the focus is on making music together rather than the therapeutic relationships developed in music therapy. Music therapy would be for people with particular needs, such as mental health issues, dementia or learning disabilities, whereas this is project that opens up these kinds of musical experiences to a wider audience. We think that all of us can benefit from interacting with others, being creative and playful and becoming aware of how music affects us, to maintain our wellbeing and positive mental health.

Kim and Judit - Music for Wellbeing PractitionersHow will you use music in this workshop?

The workshop will include different activities including listening to music and creating music together. There will be a range of instruments that anyone can play and we will introduce some guided activities to encourage interaction and communication through music. There will be opportunities for spontaneous music making, trying out different instruments and we will explore different themes and ideas together. We will teach you approaches to relaxation and music listening to help you take notice of how you are at that moment, encouraging reflection and giving tools to combat stress. The workshop will be flexible depending on the individuals in the group and their interests.

How will this experience improve wellbeing?

The five ways to wellbeing are to connect, to be active, to take notice, to keep learning and to give. The essence of this workshop is to make connections with other people, using music as a medium to communicate and to reflect upon. It will be an active, participatory experience, where we will create music together. Participants will be encouraged to be aware of their feelings and reactions during the workshop, being mindful of how they are in that moment. Whilst this isn’t a music lesson, it will be a chance to try new ways of using music. A group experience is collaborative, where we share our individuality, exchanging ideas and work together. We have found that musical interactions like this can make a positive impact on wellbeing.

For more details and to book a place, visit the Events page or @musicforwellbeing on Facebook.