Container change

We are developing plans to replace the derelict container next to the sports pitch with a new office space to let to a local community business. The aim is to provide additional space on site for a suitable tenant that will build the range of services we offer, bring additional footfall and give us a bit more income.

Derelict Container

The current derelict container

For a number of years the container has leaked, making it unusable even for storage. At the same time we have had organisations asking us to move onto the site, yet we have no space for them. We are at the stage of consulting with members and visitors to see what they think of the idea and of approaching potential funders for the cash to make it happen.

Architects Childs and Sultzmann (who designed the cafe extension) have drawn up a feasibility study of what could go into the space. It could provide half-a-dozen desks, within a self-contained unit with kitchenette and toilet. Externally, the timber-framed construction would fit neatly into the oddly shaped space, and would even provide a covered bench where football teams could change their boots.

Proposed building

Impression of the new building

Plan of the interior of the space.

Let us know what you think of the idea, especially if you’d be interested in moving in, by dropping a line to