Art on Prescription – new courses from October

We passionately believe that joining an art course is a therapy that can support and reach parts of a person’s mind and wellbeing, that drugs and/or psychological treatments don’t always touch… and with long-lasting benefits.

If you are going to see your GP about conditions related to:

  • stress / anxiety / depression
  • behaviour related health issues
  • bereavement or a major life change

you could benefit from the experience of joining a prescription class in drawing, painting, pottery, mixed media, creative textiles, expressive writing or stained glass.

South Gloucester College will be running Art On Prescription courses here at the Farm from October.

All levels of ability and experience are welcome, even if you have not practised art since school.

Ask your GP whether it would be appropriate to be referred to one of our Art on Prescription courses.

Your GP can email for a referral form or more information.