Farm Friends Membership

Welcome to Farm Friends!

In 1976, locals worked together and created Windmill Hill City Farm from wasteland. Now four decades on, we want you to be involved in developing and deciding the future of the City Farm.

We value members, and your support is a demonstration that our community cares about us and is having an input into what we do.

There are many ways to contribute – joining as a Farm Friend shows that you care.

Farm Friends is your way of supporting, and our way of saying thanks.

Being a Farm Friend

We’re always looking for fresh ideas, innovations and new perspectives to keep the City Farm focused on your needs and those of our community.

Becoming a Farm Friend and attending our quarterly meetings is the easiest way of doing that. As a Farm Friend you have a unique opportunity to share local insights with our Chief Executive, staff, trustees and volunteers. It’s a great way to meet like-minded people, who care about the environment and their local community.

Being busy doesn’t mean you can’t contribute. If you can’t attend the meetings, you can still see the agenda and submit your views via email, although you may miss out on tea, coffee and those homemade cakes from the café!

Your time is valuable and we wouldn’t ask for a contribution without finding ways to give back. The benefits are:

  • 10% discount on café menu
  • 10% discount on room bookings and our other spaces – five-a-side pitch, under-barn and outdoor kitchen
  • quarterly e-Newsletter
  • advance notice to reserve farm meat


You can either be a full or an associate Farm Friends member, depending on where you live. To be a full member, you must live within the ‘area of benefit’. Open this map to see the boundaries:

Area of benefit map

Both associate and full members are encouraged to bring their ideas to the table, but as a full member you have the right to vote at AGMs on key issues such as the appointment of trustees.

Farm Friends membership rules can be downloaded below.

Download Membership Rules

As time goes on you may feel you want to become more involved and have more to offer – a certain skill set or some relevant experience. Why not join the Board of Trustees?

Membership Fees

We’ve kept fees to a minimum as we want the widest possible range of people joining in and developing the farm with us.

Our minimum annual Farm Friends membership fees are:

  • £10 Adults
  • £5 Senior Citizen
  • £5 Under 18

If you are able are able to donate a little more, that extra goes directly into our charitable work: educating people about food, farming and the environment; developing projects with our community; and providing facilities and services for local people to use (rooms, gardens, open spaces).

Join Farm Friends

Join online using the button below, or sign up at reception.

If you would like more information, please email Jon:

Save 10%

Save 10% on all meals and drinks in the café as a Farm Friend, ALL YEAR ROUND

Family eating lunch in the cafe

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Adult membership costs less than 20p per week.

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