Studio Space

NE elevation

For many years a broken and derelict container stood next to the sports pitch at Windmill Hill City Farm. It has been a long-held ambition to replace it with a useful space. We’re pleased to say that this ambition is now a reality.

Our plans

We have created a small studio space that houses seven desks for a local community business or charity to take as their home. We’re looking for an organisation with a similar outlook on the world to ours, that can bring extra footfall to the city farm and that will benefit from being based here.

We partnered with Child and Sulzmann Architects (who did a fantastic job on designing our café extension) to put together a feasibility study of what building might fit in such an awkward space. They came up with a design that used the space well, was in keeping with its surroundings and that would meet high environmental standards.

We put the notion of developing the space to visitors and had an overwhelmingly positive response to the idea. The build is now nearly complete, and we’re looking for tenants!

For more information contact: or call  0117 963 3252.