Orchard Re-development

We need to raise £3,400 to unlock £34k funding. This will pay for a multi-functioning space used for educational and therapeutic groups by day; events and parties in the evening.

Enovert Community Trust have pledged an incredible £34,000 to turn a forgotten part of the farm into a magical, secluded area to host educational and therapeutic groups, events and parties.

The catch? We need to raise 10% of that figure to unlock that money. You can help us to do that.

The land itself is a neglected and disused corner of the city farm, which needs a bit of work to reach its potential. It’s a prime area to turn into a covered outside space with access to its own kitchen, fire pit, pond and seasonal fruit and vegetable patches.

A plan of the orchard areaThe space will be used as a quiet area for schools, families and groups of vulnerable people. It’s tucked away, which makes it ideal. Its relative isolation also makes it a great spot for a party or small-scale acoustic music event. Sitting around a camp-fire, with the fairy lights twinkling, listening to tunes or sharing time with friends as part of a small celebration, a handfasting or baby naming ceremony perhaps.

The money will go towards levelling the ground and building an accessible path. It needs some landscaping and planting, installation of a compost loo and a pond (don’t mix them up) and most of all a wooden covered structure with a kitchen, wood-fired oven and space for a cosy campfire.

We can do most of the work with our in-house team and volunteers, which make it great value for money and really makes this project part of the farm. We’re 90% of the way there. We just need your support to match the last 10%.

How to get involved

Head to our Crowdfunder page to make a donation and to check out the rewards we’re offering for your support.

Crowdfunder page

You can help to make the city farm an even better place.