Farm Flavours

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Farm Flavours is a healthy cooking project for all the family. It helps families and young people have healthier lifestyles and feel less socially isolated. 

Farm Flavours helps:

  • encourage a love of cooking real food; food that is healthy, unprocessed and tasty
  • people discover where food comes from through gardening, tasting and animal activities
  • people appreciate cooking and eating together, feeling part of the community and reducing loneliness

All these key points will give people a long term appreciation of food and the natural world, will reduce illness, obesity and increase happy healthy lifestyles. 

Read what some of the families attending Farm Flavours have said:

Father and daughter“This club helped Lilian concentrate on a task through to completion and helped with her discovering how to cut fruit & vegetables independently. It nurtured both compassion for animals and plants on the farm as well as showing her where food comes from and how it grows before it reaches her mouth. I think Lily liked the pizza the best as she got to watch it bake in the cob oven.”
Adam, dad of Lilian

Energy ball ingredients in a mixing bowl“Thank you so much for the baby and mum cookery workshop. The energy balls were so simple to make and I have made them a few times since. I often buy cereal snack bars which have lots of packaging and are probably full of sugar, it was great to learn I could make something just as tasty but healthier and it takes no time at all (a very important factor as a new mum!)”
Kelly with baby Angus (aged 8 weeks)

Young boys picking carrots“My boys enjoyed it and were eager to get their hands dirty!

It was lovely. From mixing to cooking and serving.

The food end result is not perfect but new skills were acquired and confidence boosted.”

Catrina, mum of Arthur and George