Windmills of Time

‘Windmills of Time’ is an exciting new project funded by the Heritage Lottery. Anita MacCallum is working as lead artist, consulting with local people and organisations to gather information, collaborate and devise trails around the City Farm. The trails will be focused on history, animals and plants in the area and will pop up over the farm from January – June 2014.

The project has grown from the initial finding of a drawer stuffed with old photos from the last few decades at the City Farm. ‘Windmills of Time’ has been created from searching through these photos and discovering the wealth of history and stories steeped in the land the City Farm is standing on. We look forward to this project developing over the next few months and travelling along the trails created.

Anita MacCallumAnita is writing a project blog which you can read using the link below.

Windmills of Time blog

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