People Grow

People Grow project logo‘People Grow’ is a three-year project supported by the Big Lottery Reaching Communities Fund. The project will target three groups – people without a garden (such as those living in flats), families and schools –  providing opportunities and encouraging them to take part in food growing, gardening, farming and other outdoor activities.

Big Lottery Fund logo - pink versionThe aim of the project is to improve well-being, understanding, health and life skills.

People without gardens

Watering canDo you want to:

  • spend more time outside but have no garden?
  • learn more about gardening and growing food?
  • meet people and become more involved in your local community?

Windmill Hill City Farm offers regular gardening sessions where you can:

  • spend time outdoors in our community gardens and thriving green spaces
  • enjoy learning gardening skills and how to grow vegetables, fruit, herbs and flowers
  • improve your health and sense of well-being by taking part in out door activities
  • be part of a team where people are working together on a project and take part in weekly activities and seasonal celebrations using the produce you have grown

To find out more about these sessions, please contact Susan Rogers, by phoning the City Farm on 0117 963 3252 or emailing


Mother and child gardeningDo you and your child want to:

  • explore food growing but are not sure where to start?
  • make positive connections with other families in the area?
  • improve your health and well-being through learning to grow your own?

Windmill Hill City Farm offers regular family sessions at the farm where you can:

  • explore the farm and gardens through fun, seasonal activities
  • spend time outdoors with your child and other families in beautiful, child-friendly surroundings
  • increase your family’s well-being through learning to grow your own vegetable, fruit, herbs and flowers with your child

To find out more about these family sessions, please contact Julie Thorpe by phoning the City Farm on 0117 963 3252 or emailing


Smiling child with carrot on their headDo you:

  • want to embed outdoor learning in your curriculum?
  • have a garden at school but not sure how to make the best use of it?
  • need access to space and resources for children to experience growing and outdoor activities?

Windmill Hill City Farm offers regular schools sessions where you can:

  • choose from a hands-on range of sessions which can be tailored to your curriculum
  • observe and interact with exciting growing sessions which can provide a springboard to experiential learning at your setting
  • access fun, active, facilitated sessions in our learning-friendly children’s garden
  • engage in Continued Professional Development to encourage more outdoor learning

To find out more about school sessions, please contact the Schools and Families Liaison Officer, Julie Thorpe, by phoning the City Farm on 0117 963 3252 or emailing

For the latest news about the project, please see our blog.