Farm Tales

Goats in castles

Picture by Thomas McCallum

Have you ever wondered what the animals at the farm get up to when you are not looking? Maybe you know where the ducks go at night time, or what the goats’ special skills are? We found out some of the secrets that happen at the farm, heard people’s stories and shared them with the community.

If you have seen and enjoyed reading the magical purple leaves with Haikus and poems on them and if you have wondered about the beautiful knitted yarn bombs, well you have experienced our fantastic community project ‘Farm Tales’.

Farm Tales was a unique magic-weaving, story-making project. We were really excited to be working with local storyteller and community arts practitioner Anita MacCallum as lead artist on this project.

There were many Farm Tales events and activities during the project and Anita and Gemma worked very hard to get lots of people involved. We had people of all ages involved – volunteers, staff, local groups at the farm, local people and people who love the farm from afar – all sharing their ideas and creativity through stories of the farm, writing Haiku’s, knitting and yarn bombing, creating comics and performances.

We also worked with Holy Cross Primary School on lots of different Farm Tales activities and hosted a celebration day in the summer of 2013 to showcase all the fantastic work.

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