The Active Citizens community programme was developed and delivered through a process of action research. We listened to people, shared ideas and tried out new ways of working, as well as researching and using existing community and volunteer models and strategies. We reviewed and evaluated, we learnt from triumphs as well as challenges, small moments and great successes. We collated and created various strategies during the delivery of Active Citizens and from the following sections you can download  ‘toolkits’ of tips and ideas.

Community engagement

Topics covered in this download:

  • engaging and communicating with your community
  • creating an action plan for community projects
  • social media
  • raising funds
  • writing a blog

Community engagement (PDF 152KB)

Working with groups

Topics covered in this download:

  • facilitation
  • stages of group development
  • managing behaviours
  • group decisions
  • social enterprise

Working with groups (PDF 220KB)


Topics covered in this download:

  • why volunteer?
  • where to start volunteering
  • volunteer induction
  • ten ideas and tips to recruit volunteers

Volunteering (PDF 234KB)

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